Phase 4 of Reopening: Please Come In!

After having the building closed for just over a year, we are ready to open the doors for in-person browsing and other onsite use.  As we make the last adjustments to our physical spaces and ensure all staff are ready to welcome patrons into the facility with confidence, there is a palpable feeling of excitement throughout the Library.  We cannot wait to see you!

We have put careful thought into the plans for Phase 4.  We have spoken with numerous other libraries across the region and country to compare service offerings and learn from their experiences. We visited many regional libraries to see models in action.  I am proud that ICPL’s plan for opening the building to the public mirrors the safety-first approach we have taken with all of our service developments during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have continually shared our reopening phases and guidelines with Johnson County Public Health, the Library Board of Trustees, and City management to ensure we are staying current with best practices in service access.

Thank you for your patience as we redesigned the methods we use to connect with and serve our community.  Thank you for continuing to use Library resources and for trying new things over the past year. And thank you in advance for continuing to flex and change with us as we move forward and expand services.  We are confident in our model, and are committed to assessing and evaluating it in action and adapting it as necessary to meet the needs of our patrons. 

We are using an “Express Access” model for building access.  Express Access means we ask visitors to think about visiting the Library like going to the grocery store; have a plan of what you need and move through that plan with intention.  We expect most library visits to be 30 minutes or less, but we understand some patrons will need more time than others.  The Library can welcome up to 140 patrons into the building at a time, which will be monitored via a door count system on the Lobby doors.  If we reach capacity, we will ask incoming patrons to wait outside until spots open up inside the building.  Periodic announcements will provide the number of users in the building.

On your first visit back into the building, you will notice some physical changes.  Furniture has been moved off the public floor.  Plexiglass barriers have been installed at most service points.  Study Rooms and Meeting Rooms are unavailable (some are being used by staff members as temporary work areas).  Some shelving has been moved.  Please ask us if you have questions about what is available or where to find the things you need. 

With support from our patrons, we can maintain a safe environment. Please refrain from visiting the Library if you have any COVID-19 symptoms. Please practice social distancing while you are in the building or waiting to come in. We ask that you limit your time at the Library and wear a cloth face covering that covers your mouth and nose (this is required for all patrons ages two and up, and we take this rule very seriously).  If you need a disposable mask for your visit, we can provide one for you.

Thank you, ICPL patrons, for being graceful and responsive during a very challenging year.  Come see us soon, and after you do, let us know how your experience went.  Reach out with comments, questions, or concerns anytime! 

Thank you!

Elsworth Carman, Director

Office Phone: 319.356.5241

Cell Phone/Text: 319.383.1269


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