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For Kids & by Kids

Various Artists

For Kids and By Kids mixes moods and musical styles -- from roots music, for which Iowa City is known, to punk, polka, folk, hip-hop, and synth-pop. It not only crosses musical genres, but also generations ... Dozens of youths appear on For Kids and By Kids, and we hope that the many more who hear this album will be inspired to pick up an instrument, form their own bands, or do something else creative

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01 - Beautiful Day (William Elliott Whitmore)
02 - Find the Time (Ramona and the Slimdudes)
03 - To the Moon (Pieta Brown)
04 - Bonbons (Coolzey)
05 - The Fall Song (Awful Purdies)
06 - Peanut Butter Pickle Sandwiches (Dana T)
07 - The Lullaby (oh the Sky) (Bethann Gavin)
08 - Control (Brooks Strause)
09 - You Are What You Eat (Brendan Lee Spengler)
10 - Hold Your Hands Up (Ratings)
11 - Adelita Polka (Dave Moore)
12 - Everyone Loves Elephants (Samuel Locke Ward)
13 - Wanna Be in a Band (Fire Signs)
14 - Keep Doin Ya Thing (Ion and Romulan)
15 - AWUA A OOOOO (8 X 6)
16 - Robot Song (Prairie Green Preschoolers)
17 - Rocky Road (Family Folk Machine Trio)
18 - Deep Blue Sea (Family Folk Machine)
19 - Higher Than the Trees (Neon Daisies)
20 - Sweet but Sour (The Nerps)
21 - LOUD (G.I.R.L. (Great Indestructible Rockin' Levels))
22 - Let's Party (The Blue Phoenixes)
23 - Rock, Roar & Roll All Day (Carnivorous Bunnies)
24 - Summer Vacation (Copyright Criminals)