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85 Decibel Monks


The 85 decibel Monks were formed in 2001 as a production team consisting of several producers and musicians from the Iowa City area. The collective's main focus nowadays is writing underscore music for visual presentations. This shift in priorities, from selling CDs to licensing music, has moved Tack-Fu’s style from a loop based boom-bap foundation to more of a jazz / funk orientated brand of hip-hop.

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01 -
02 - Message for Goyum
03 - U.S.A. Way
04 - Oh Yea! (scratches by DJ Skwint)
05 - Hot Water for Tea
06 - Russian Percussion
07 - Interlude in E Minor
08 - Lie Down Beside You (featuring Rachel Kann)
09 - Evolution is Outdated (featuring DJ Vadim, Desdamona, Blueprint, Illogic, & Bad Fathers)
10 - Dumb Talkers (featuring Bad Fathers)
11 - Fixing a Whole (featuring Cousin of Bad Fathers & Johnny Sixx)
12 - Rebirth (featuring Cousin of Bad Fathers)
13 - Higher Frequencies (featuring Braille)
14 - Absence of You (featuring Sev Statik)
15 - Poem on a Theme by Lyn Hejinian (featuring Cousin of Bad Fathers)
16 - Weed Cookies (featuring Cousin & Gov. Auto Funkstar)
17 - Key Player
18 - Mr. World
19 - Mongolian Fire
20 - AM Beat