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Mad Monks

Mad Monks

Heavily influenced by early seventies prog-rock and blues, the group coalesced in the shape of drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards. The group experimented for a long time using King Crimson and Hendrix as launching pads to solidify the chemistry of the group.
In September of 2010, Mad Monks hit the ground running with the aid of Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios and recorded their first album. Ten tracks were interwoven and laid down to create a single artistic picture. This mixed material was then sent to Carl Saff Mastering in Chicago.

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01 - Relentless Second
02 - The Filth
03 - Old Wounds
04 - Friendly Faces
05 - Tried and True
06 - Nowhere
07 - The Omen
08 - Black Intentions
09 - Olympus Mons
10 - All There is