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Well Behaved Fish

The Grismore/Scea Group

Steve Grismore (guitar) and Paul Scea (tenor sax) lead post-bop excursions on original compositions. The instrumentation of this group follows a traditional two-horns/rhythm section line up, but that is where tradition stops. Most of the music is very modern/avant garde/harmolodic funk-based and there are electronic effects and synthesizers used throughout.

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01 - Dancing in Your Head
02 - Cletus N'gugu
03 - Baghdad
04 - Spinach Dip
05 - Crush
06 - Introductions
07 - I'm Being Held Hostage to Your Failure
08 - Well Behaved Fish
09 - Pigs at the Trough
10 - Benevolent Psychopathology
11 - Good God