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Local Music Project FAQ

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Why can't I download the music?
The most likely answer is that you don't live in the area served by Iowa City Public Library. This project is limited to library card holders living in Iowa City and areas that contract with us for services (rural Johnson County, Hills, Lone Tree, and University Heights.) Otherwise, it could be that your card has expired, or you don't have a password or don't know what it is. Give us a call at 356-5200, and we can check that.

How do I download an album to my computer?
  1. Click on an album title from the main page
  2. Enter your valid Library card number and password
  3. Click on your preferred file format
  4. Save the ZIP file
  5. Locate the downloaded ZIP folder, double-click on the folder, drag the contents to a preferred location

Can I make copies of these songs for friends?
No. The music is copyrighted material, licensed by the artists to ICPL for the private use of ICPL cardholders.

This is too good a deal to be legal, right?
It's legit. ICPL leased the rights for you to download these records. They're yours to keep and the musicians got paid.

How can MY library do something like this?
You need authentication software to limit who has access to it, some web expertise and a budget. Feel free to use our contract or to contact us with technical questions about our system. Scour local musicians' websites for contact info, explain what you're offering, and negotiate a price. ICPL offers $100 per album, but that will probably vary depending on how many people will have access to the music. If record companies own the rights to the music, ask about live shows.

What formats are available?
mp3 and ogg vorbis, both at 320 kb/s bitrate.

Can I download music on my ipad/iphone?
The easiest way to get this music onto your ipad or iphone is to download it using a desktop or laptop computer and sync it to your device.
It is possible to download it directly if you install software to unzip the .zip file of music and a third party music player. We recomend winzip and Free Music Download.

If you have questions which aren't answered here or otherwise need help, please drop us a line, we would be happy to help!