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Dustin Busch

Dustin Busch, a.k.a. Kid Lightin', has been playing The Blues for a long time, some 18 years now. He first heard Blues descendants like Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley on the radio which sparked a fire that's still burning slow and hot today. Dustin is a natural and was musically raised by Iowa good guy and long time Blues musician Dave Moore and as a youngster furthered his education by experiencing many live shows of Blues master and Iowa legend Joe Price. -

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01 - I Feel So Good
02 - Black Mountain Rag
03 - I Fall on My Knees
04 - Long Journey Home
05 - Lonesome Moonlight Waltz
06 - Chopps Boogie
07 - Over the Waterfall
08 - Quail is a Pretty Bird
09 - Lonesome Road Blues
10 - A Long Way to the Top of the World