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Man Vs. Bear

D. Bess

Man vs. Bear is the first D. Bess solo album since his departure from the band Public Property. A mixture of reggae, ska, blues, hip-hop and dance music, the album is a melting pot of styles and themes. The album features 13 songs and 5 sketches. The songs were all written and produced by D. Bess and feature him on all instrumentation and vocals except for the track "Oh Carolina", which features reggae legend Toots Hibbert trading vocals with D. Bess. The album was recorded over at Minstrel Studios in Iowa City, IA between April 2010 - January 2012. Toots' vocals were recorded at Anchor Studios in Kingston, Jamaica. The album was recorded and engineered by John Svec at Minstrel Recordings and was edited and mixed by D. Bess.

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01 - You Got Me Walkin
02 - Welcome to the Future
03 - Oh Carolina (feat. Toots Hibbert)
04 - Man Vs. Bear Round 1
05 - American Dreamin
06 - Red Rocks
07 - Wow! Pow!
08 - Man Vs. Bear Round 2
09 - Fishin
10 - One More Song
11 - When Lilacs Last
12 - Man Vs. Bear Round 7
13 - Rigmarole
14 - 45 Ride
15 - Fly Away
16 - Man Vs. Bear Round 10
17 - S. Berlusconi Loves Him Some Teenagers
18 - Man Vs. Bear Round 13