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Crystal City

Dave Helmer is a Midwestern singer/songwriter from Marshalltown, IA, with blue-collar roots. Heavily influenced by Paul Westerberg and Tom Petty, Helmer's songs are approachable and relatable, touching on themes of love, the importance of being good to each other, struggles with loss, and celebrating the life we are given.
In 2009, Helmer teamed up with choral singer Sam Drella to form his current project, Crystal City. The group draws its name from the Gram Parson's song "Las Vegas", and finds inspiration from the strong, interdependent harmonies of Parsons and Emmylou Harris.
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01 - The Best Way
02 - Dynamite
03 - Change
04 - Give Me a Kiss
05 - Waiting
06 - Where the Treasure Is
07 - Pink Bayonet
08 - Tangled Down
09 - Don't You Know
10 - Little Italy
11 - Every Time You Cry