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Rolling Sea

Catfish Keith

How to balance international stardom with a relatively normal home life? Tour abroad, sell out prestigious halls around the world, and keep a lower profile at home. Among the best guitar players alive.

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01 - Weep Like a Willow (Hey Pretty Mama)
02 - She's a Hum Dum Dinger from Dingersville
03 - Racketeer's Blues
04 - Bye and Bye, I'm Going to See the King
05 - Out on the Rollin' Sea
06 - Jealous Hearted, See
07 - My Little Girl (She Bust Her Drawers)
08 - Roll You in My Arms (Just Like a Wagon Wheel)
09 - Mr. Crump Don't Like It
10 - Soul of a Man
11 - Monday Morning Blues
12 - Sign of Judgement
13 - Tell Everybody in Your Neighborhood