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The Misanthrope and His Doubtful Faith

Brooks Strause

All songs written by Brooks Strause except Cigarettes & Whiskey by Brooks Strause and Ben Driscoll. All songs recorded at Birds of Paradise in Muscatine, Iowa by Landon and Brooks Strause with additional recording at Beaver Valley Wetland by Chris Brown except 5 and 7 recorded at Beaver Valley Wetland in Cedar Falls, Iowa by Chris Brown with additional recording at Birds of Paradise in Muscatine, Iowa by Brooks Strause. Produced by Brooks Strause. Mixed and mastered by Chris Brown.

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01 - The Brooks Strause Guarantee
02 - Wasteland Blues
03 - The Black Ribbon
04 - Can't Remember
05 - Kill Dance Devour
06 - Cigarettes & Whiskey
07 - Blue and Burdened
08 - It's That Easy
09 - You Gonna Need the Devil
10 - Revision One
11 - Get Well
12 - See the Light
13 - Back to the End